COVID-19 Assessment Form

We will help you get staff set up to work from home.

Please fill out this high-level questionairre and we will contact you

I have a Windows ServerComputers are Windows basedComputers are Mac basedEmail is via Office 365Email is via Google GSuite

Staff will use office equipmentStaff will use their own home equipmentWe may need to install software at homeStaff will also need smartphone appsStaff need to collaborate online

What Happens Next

  • We will review your form and then reach out to you for more information and questions.
  • Once we understand the scope of your requirements we will provide a quotation for the changes that needs to be done to provide remote access to staff.
  • Upon acceptance of the quotation we can start the reconfiguration, working with both you and your staff to get remote access in place.
  • 50% of the project costs will be charged up front.
  • We can provide ongoing support to you and your staff throughout this period, on an hourly basis.

About Us

COVID-19, as you already know, is causing Organizations and businesses to re-think their remote access plans.

As a technology provider for 20+ years we have the experience to assess, review, and implement a customized remote access plan for your business or Organization. You can review the services we provide.

We work mainly with Non Profits and small businesses throughout the Greater Vancouver region who are not big enough to have their own IT staff.